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A Case Study

Disruption in Education caused by the pandemic isn’t recent news anymore. Schools continue to be closed and the entire system of educationists, practitioners and implementers, around the world, are up and running in finding ways to re-establish the  strong connection between the child and the teacher. This social distancing time has challenged all of us in our pursuit to support education interventions for all children.

Constant efforts are being made in terms of learning, adapting and innovation to fill in the gaps that the Covid-19 pandemic has created. Towards the same cause, ShikshaLokam came up with the initiative:

“Learn from home – A call for Collective”, that spanned over 6 weeks. The goal of this initiative was to explore how we as a collective of civil-society organizations could work hand in hand to understand the key problems of our stakeholders and build end to end solutions for the same.

This Collective was formed with the objective of enabling continuous learning and minimizing learning loss in wake of COVID-19. In the collective, the organizations shared, learnt and co-created solutions as a group and discussed working towards creating a prototype, which were relevant for their stakeholders in the current times. This initiative was also formed for organizations to support each other and realize the power of community.

As a takeaway from this six weeks learning journey, the Collective decided to identify ways in which they can directly involve stakeholders in the ideation and ways in which strong prototypes creation and testing can be done.




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