Solutions, Assets and Open Digital Technology to enable Micro-Improvements


Collective Action to co-create Education Programs and Prototypes with Governments and CSOs

We design solutions, assets and open digital technology which includes capabilities for observation, analysis, learning, improvement projects and mentoring - all enabled on DIKSHA (the national infrastructure for education) of which we are co-builders. 

We enable education leaders to adopt the micro-improvement approach which helps them to break down a big idea into clear, actionable tasks in a way that suits their needs. The frequent wins experienced through micro-level changes in school eventually feed into a continuous improvement cycle across the education system.

Micro-improvement stories of education leaders from different parts of the world, as they navigate challenges everyday to provide enriching learning experiences to our students.

As an orchestrator, we catalyse collective action and co-create improvement and leadership development programs with state governments, national education institutions, CSOs and markets to impact schools across the country, facilitating adoption of solutions at scale.

In today's world, when the pace of the growth of a problem exceeds the pace of solutioning, coming together, collaboration and co-creation is more relevant than ever. Through collective action by the holy trinity of change - Samaaj, Sarkaar and Bazaar - we drive impact at scale.

Key Programs

Vidya Amrit Mahotsav

A national education festival, designed and orchestrated with NCERT, to recognise micro-improvement led pedagogical innovations by teachers and school leaders, with over 600000 micro-improvements triggered in 27 states & UTs.

National Mission for Mentoring

ShikshaLokam is a part of the working committee for the Mission For Mentoring (NMM). We drafted the Mentoring Blue Book and facilitated open house discussions on NMM across the country, in order to build momentum for the mission and seek feedback from the ecosystem. Our work continues with differnet aspects of the mission which include guidelines, solutions and technology, roll out of the pilot etc.


Along with the Central Board of Secondary Education, we have designed the School Improvement Program, using the School Quality Assessment and Assurance (SQAA) Framework to be rolled out in 5000+ schools across the country.

Punjab Education Collective (PEC)

PEC brings together the Samaaj, Sarkaar and Bazaar players to recast the Punjab state into a land of hope, courage and possibilities through systemic education transformation, employing a multidisciplinary, co-creation approach of designing, orchestrating, and evangelising change. PEC is a recipient of The Collective Social Innovation Award 2023 by The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, a sister organisation of World Economic Forum.

Co-building DIKSHA

We develop and enhance the functional capabilities of DIKSHA to power the learning and administration interactions as detailed in NDEAR. DIKSHA is the National Infrastructure for Education by the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India, and is available to teachers, teacher educators and school leaders on their mobile phone.


ELEVATE (Energising Leadership with Enhanced Visibility and Administrative Transformation towards Excellence) is an open source infrastructure which offers a repository of micro services designed for scale and to support learning and improvement solutions for the Leaders in Education Space.


EduMentumX is an accelerator program co-orchestrated with Mantra4Change, that focuses on enabling and nurturing grassroot organisations working on leadership development in education. It is aimed at strengthening the narrative of Education Leadership in the Indian context and nurturing a self-sustaining ecosystem for scale-ready organisations.

Research on the Idea of Micro-Improvement

A study to explore the idea through the lens of the users of the approach- the school leaders & teachers. The objectives were to explore micro-improvement idea in-depth and understand the dynamics around change-adoption in the ecosystem. After 16 group interviews spread across 7 states, we have a plethora of insights and learnings that will further shape the idea for easy adoption and concrete results.


SolvED is India’s first marketplace for social innovation in education leadership and a community of challenge posers, innovators and incentivisors to energise the entire education ecosystem through diverse perspectives and collaborative problem solving for education leadership.

District Empowerment Program (DEP)

DEP enables districts to design and implement education initiatives as per their region’s requirements. The districts will be able to rope in local NGO partners for help in multiple aspects of program management like content development, program designing, program implementation and pushing for adoption by end users on DIKSHA.

India Education Collaborative (IEC)

We are co-orchestrating IEC which aims to bring together social change innovators to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 and related goals by 2030 by catalysing collaboration, co-creation and collective action towards achieving three key objectives

  • ‘design’ knowledge assets to democratise access to evidence-informed practices
  • ‘evangelise’ the mission of education equity and the approach of collective action, and
  • ‘orchestrate’ prototypes and programs to demonstrate the power of collective action.

Stay tuned for opportunities to join IEC!

Our Previous Programs

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Our Impact


Education Leaders




States & UTs




ShikshaLokam is the recipient of The Collective Social Innovation Award 2023 by The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, a sister organisation of World Economic Forum, for its work as part of the Punjab Education Collective.

Our Partner Ecosystem

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Visual Credits: iTeach SAV, Pune and Shaheed Gurdas Ram Memorial Govt Girls Sr Sec School, Zira, Ferozepur.

Evangelise page


The Mission of Education Leadership

We have created the only ecosystem in the country with 140+ partners. We engage in continuous dialogues with key actors and influencers at spaces such as ‘Cerebration’ and ‘InvokED’ around the importance of leadership in the education system and themes like micro improvements, collective action and societal thinking.

Our Work

To bring a sustainable, systemic change in a complex and dynamic system like India’s education ecosystem, it is essential to work on enabling the education leaders. InvokED is the first ever global dialogue on how to bring this change.  At InvokED, we put the spotlight on the so far deprioritised, but the most essential topic – leadership in the education ecosystem. Education leaders, practitioners, academicians, market players, teachers and students, from across the globe will come together, to collectively lead insightful, action oriented conversations.
Mark your calendars for InvokED 3.0 scheduled on Mar 1st, 2024
For InvokED queries and participation, write to 

Unbundle is a co-creation experience series to unfold and explore complex education policies and ideas with the education ecosystem.

In 2020, we unbundled the then recently released National Education Policy 2020, with a vibrant group of experts and NGOs. At the series of expert talks, design thinking sessions and creation of solutions, the group created solutions to take back to their programs. The 2021 edition was about designing education leadership programs which can go viral. We dug into the principles of virality and the participants went through a framework to prototype their programs and sustain the virality through network effects.

In 2022, we finally came together in-person with 12+ organisations to host Unbundle 3.0 – an immersion journey of unbundling the concept of Micro Improvement to strengthen and enable education leadership!


A co-learning series aimed to bring together partners towards applying societal platform thinking for education leadership

In its first edition, 45 participants from various development, education and education leadership organisations joined the four expert sessions to deep dive into conversations around

The edition led to improved understanding and onboarding of partners to the idea of solving through societal thinking.

Write to us at if you want to co-create our evangelising initiatives with us!