Dialogue Corner

Dialogue Corner at InvokED 3.0 is a personalised space designed to foster one-on-one interactions between our attendees and distinguished guests. The Dialogue Corner aims to provide a unique platform for meaningful conversations, allowing attendees to engage directly with thought leaders, exchange insights, and discuss the latest trends in the ecosystem. 

02:30 PM – 04:30 PM 

A maximum of four 20 minutes conversations with each speaker. 

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Amit Antony Alex

Investment Director - Dovetail Impact Foundation

Amit, currently supporting an international portfolio at Dovetail, has a rich background in social venture investment and enterprise development, notably with Upaya Social Ventures and the UN Foundation’s Clean Cooking Alliance. His diverse experience spans from scaling startups to implementing programs in nonprofits and supporting early-stage enterprises.

David Menezes

Director, Programs - People+ai and Venture & Fellowship Lead - South Asia, Ashoka

People+ai, led by the EkStep Foundation, comprises innovators using AI to unlock human potential, aiming to impact a billion lives. David steers this alongside leading Ashoka South Asia’s Venture & Fellowship, with a background in monitoring and evaluation, managing impact studies and change strategy across diverse domains. 

Deepika Mogilishetty

Chief, Policy & Partnerships - EkStep Foundation

At EkStep, Deepika focuses on digital public goods and infrastructure, particularly emphasising early childhood development through the Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao mission. For over two decades, she has championed inclusion and access, leading initiatives across public policy, human rights, and social change in India with government and NGO partners. 

Dr. Binodanand Jha

Former Director, Directorate of Research and Training, Department of School Education - Govt. of Bihar

Dr. Jha has served as the Director at Directorate of Research and Training and Director of Mass Education in Bihar. His work focused on inclusive education, female literacy, and elementary education. An author and regular contributor to newspapers and magazines, Dr. Jha’s expertise spans pedagogy and administration.

Falguni Vora

CEO Bangalore - SVP India

Falguni is a seasoned leader in the social sector with 13 years of experience in consulting, project management, and research across India and the USA. She has significantly contributed to education, skill development, healthcare, and women’s empowerment, advising over 15 funders and 50 NGOs. 

Ismail Mohammad

DIKSHA Nodal Officer, SIEMAT - Dept. of School Education, Andhra Pradesh

As the DIKSHA Nodal Officer, Ismail engages with stakeholders in the education system to play a key role in enhancing educational outcomes through technology integration. He oversees the DIKSHA platform’s adoption and use, coordinating training for educators, managing content, and evaluating impact. 

Manmohan Singh

CEO, Aspirational Bharat Collaborative, Kaivalya Education Foundation

Aiming to improve public health and education, Manmohan has spent 18 years in leadership development of government officials, bringing systematic change in the public education system and advocacy for large-scale transformation.

Parth Lawate

CEO & Co-founder, Tekdi Technologies

Parth Lawate specialises in crafting secure, scalable tech solutions for impact organisations, leveraging nearly two decades of experience in open source and product development. His contributions to national digital projects like UIDAI-Aadhaar and DIKSHA underscore his commitment to open-source principles and large-scale impact.

Radhakrishnan Ramachandran

Founder & CEO, Pepper Media

Radhakrishnan, with a rich background in journalism and media, transitioned from The Economic Times and CNBC TV18 to founding India’s first OTT platform, iStream India, and later Pepper Media and Studio Mojo, focusing on regional content. 

Ramabhadran Sundaram

Director, Alumni Impact, Teach For India

Along with his team, Ram enables the Teach For India Alumni across 8 regions to work together and improve life outcomes for children from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. He is part of the Teach For India leadership team and is passionate about network theory, entrepreneurship in education and social movements.

Sashi Rajamani

Chairperson, Bengaluru - SVP India

Sashi is a founding member of SVP Bengaluru and has significantly contributed across various roles, engaging with multiple SVP investees. Post two decades of corporate experience, she has also been deeply involved in education and disability through Konrai Foundation, supporting over 20 NGOs.

Varsha Verma

Chief, Knowledge & Design - Societal Thinking

Varsha leads the design and development of innovative solutions and strategies that embody societal thinking principles and oversees initiatives to ensure the impact and effectiveness of societal thinking in addressing complex development challenges. Varsha comes with 30+ years diverse experience in global IT services.

Vikram Bhat

Director, Bangalore International Centre

Vikram, transitioning from Finance to Education, focuses on educational equity, curriculum design for lifelong learning, and teacher training, and is inspired by Design Thinking and the Maker Movement. He significantly contributed to Delhi’s government schools transformation and has worked in leadership roles at different NGOs and schools.

Vikrant Barun Patro

Senior Consultant to Special Secretary to CM and Commissioner-cum-Secretary, ST & SC Development, Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare Department, Govt. of Odisha

Vikrant Patro, serving as Senior Consultant to Smt Roopa Roshan Sahoo, focuses on education initiatives in Odisha, including SATH-E, FLN, NEP, and school transformations. A former Teach for India Fellow, he co-founded Loop Education Foundation and has experience with BCG and ICICI Bank.

Vinod Kumar

Solution Consultant, Tekdi Technologies

Vinod, with 28 years of experience, has aided government bodies, non-profits, and changemakers in designing impactful solutions. His expertise spans DIKSHA, Sunbird Building Blocks, and ONEST, focusing on enhancing content discoverability and learning. Previously a Director at the Centre for Education & Documentation, he champions network-enabled solutions for societal challenges.

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