What is InvokED?

InvokED is first of its kind dialogue to put the spotlight on the hitherto deprioritised, but the most essential – leadership layer of the education ecosystem. It will be a platform that will highlight the challenges faced by our leaders and recognise the progress made by individuals and institutions and spark conversations for a collective effort to enable the leaders!

Why is InvokED being organised?

To provoke the education ecosystem to start thinking about, build an understanding of and create solutions for the hitherto deprioritised education leadership in the country. 

Who is organising InvokED?

It is being organised by ShikshaLokam, an NGO catalysing education leadership in India, enabling and amplifying leadership development opportunities for individuals and institutions engaged in K-12 education systems.

When and where is InvokED being organised?

We will reveal the date for InvokED 2023 soon

Who can attend InvokED?

Anyone looking to build the understanding of education leadership, how it impacts student learning outcomes, the existing solutions in the global education ecosystem can attend InvokED. You can be an education leader, a teacher, a student, a practitioner, a policymaker, a parent, anyone!

What will be the takeaways for me if I attend InvokED?

You get to hear and learn all about the education ecosystem from the lens of leadership, new innovations and solutions in the space, facets of problem solving and leadership needed to drive sustainable change.  You get to take back new ideas and practical advice to your team and programs.

What is the agenda of InvokED?

Coming soon

Who are the speakers?
Practitioners, policymakers, education leaders, students, academicians, philanthropy organisations will be in attendance. Check out the full list of speakers on the agenda page.
Is there a cost to attend?

Only of your time and attention, and probably travel if you are visiting from outside Bengaluru.

Where can I find latest information about the InvokED?
Check out ShikshaLokam’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages
How can I connect with ShikshaLokam on social media?

We are present on LinkedIn and Twitter