***Micro improvements refer to small, incremental changes or improvements that are made by education leaders towards quality education. These improvements can often be made quickly and with minimal resources, and are intended to address specific issues or problems.

What is our mission?

To enable and amplify leadership development opportunities for education leaders across the 1.5 million schools in our country.

How do we see it come alive?

Education Leaders leading micro-improvements* in their schools

Who are these education leaders?

Administrators, pedagogical coaches, school principals and community leaders

Why is this important?

Do you know of a great school without an able and efficient leader? Impossible! Our children need great schools and great schools are built only by great leaders - one who continuously finds opportunities to improve the schools leading to enhanced student outcomes.

These education leaders leading continuous micro improvements, can bring a systemic change to the ecosystem at scale, with speed and sustainably.

But in the Indian education ecosystem, discussions on the role of education leaders and their development are often missing.

How are we changing that ?

By Designing

Open source infrastructure and assets for education leadership

By Evangelising

Mission of Education Leadership using Societal Thinking approach

InvokED is the annual dialogue to enable collective action for education leadership. Next edition is scheduled for Mar 3, 2023 in Bengaluru

By Orchestrating

Education Leadership Programs and prototypes with CSOs and Governments

Vidya Amrit Mahotsav An ongoing national education festival to recognise micro-improvement led pedagogical innovations by teachers and school leaders 
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Micro-improvement stories of education leaders from different corners of the world, who navigate through challenges to enhance the learning outcome for our students, everyday.