Fostering innovations towards education leadership is pivotal to accelerate systemic reforms.

SolvED is a Sustained Ecosystem Marketplace for ideas, challenges and solutions related to education leadership space.
The Lab is enabled by diverse perspectives and collaborative problem solving.

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SolvED is India’s first marketplace for social innovation in education leadership.

It aims to build a self-sustaining community of challenge posers, innovators, mentors and incentivisors to energise the entire education ecosystem through diverse perspectives and collaborative problem-solving.

Through SolvED, we can outpace the growth of challenges and bring sustainable, systemic change in a complex and dynamic system like India’s education ecosystem.

The Puzzle Pieces

Problem Statements To Be Shared By

SolvED Actors

Problem Posers

 Context-aware individuals and institutions who grapple with challenges on the ground

Problem Solvers

Education enthusiasts, professionals, academicians, and change leaders who think differently and design creatively


 Experts in the domain of education, innovation, platform thinking, solution designing, etc.

SOLVED PILOT 2022 - Anybody Can Solve

The 2-month-long Pilot conducted in 3 phases (Design, Develop & Discuss) brought a diverse group of 70+ participants from the education ecosystem and beyond, together as a solving community. The participants  underwent numerous capacity-building sessions to be fully equipped with prerequisites to build the best contextual solutions.

Problem Posers

Knowledge Partners


SolvED X Teach For India

Teach For India Bengaluru fellows got to wear the solver’s hat.SolvED brought them an immersive community experience of collaborating with different actors in the ecosystem and building solutions that are grounded in context, sustainable, and scalable. 40+ fellows dug into the challenges around parents/community involvement, active vigilance by Cluster Resource Persons, enabling constructive feedback, inclusive curriculum  framework, etc. posed by the education community.

Problem Posers

Knowledge Partners


If you wish to become part of the SolvED community as a problem poser or participate as a solver in the next SolvED immersive experience then

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SolvED Pilot 2022 - Lead Improvements For Indian Education System

The education ecosystem in India is both energised and thwarted by its scale and diversity. Only a mere 25.8% of Indian students make it to colleges – a glaring problem in the country with the largest youth population in the world. The student learning outcomes are poor, teachers are over burdened with responsibilities and there exists a lack of sustained development opportunities for the ecosystem players.

Through the SolvED Pilot, we are trying to address the challenges for the most important layer of the ecosystem – the leadership!

What will SolvED Pilot 2022 look like?

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Aug 10-19

Present the solutions to problem posers & win big

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Apply your knowledge and skills to solve complex problems and create solutions which will drive change at scale in education ecosystem

Access Professional Opportunities

Full time and Internship opportunities at ShikshaLokam and Mantra4Change

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  • Access to content mentoring from platforms like CoLab, Societal Platform etc
  • Personal mentoring opportunities


  • Meet, build connections and learn with problem solvers like yourself
  • Access and engagement with HNIs during the initiative

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